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    Default Marantz MA500 Monoblock Review

    Just got my MA500 monoblock in today, and I must say that it exceeded my expectations and I am pretty impressed. It is currently pushing a rinky dink center, while waiting for my LSiC to come in. However, this addition really opened up my center a lot!

    I can't go into too much depth at the moment until I get my LSiC to match my LSi9's. In the mean time I did notice that this amp might be a little more of a bright sounding amp than the Parasound HCA-1000A driving my LSi9's. Then again, the LSi9s are more laid back than my center.

    But when I think that having a brighter sounding amp is okay for a center channel, especially dialogue. Its a cooler running amp as well. Also, to rest the concerns of binding posts, mine are okay. When you unscrew the post there is a screw in the middle, making it difficult to thread wire through there. A banana plug solves that issue. Thats all I got for now. If anyone has any more interest in this amp, I can provide more feedback when the LSiC comes in next week. Thanks for reading!
    TV: LG 55LW5600
    Pre: Marantz SR6001
    Front Amp: Parasound HCA-1000A
    Center Amp: Marantz MA500
    Mains: Polk LSi9
    Center: Polk LSiC
    Sub: HSU VTF-3 MK-2
    Games: Xbox360 and PS3

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    NIce, enjoy it...

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    It happens that a buddy lent me an MA500 on Friday to put on my center. I was bridging and Audiosource Amp/One A previously, but it failed...went back to the AVR until I find something else. Anyway, I'll confirm that it's a brighter amp. Dialog is very crisp and vocals are a bit bright for my taste. It lacks the bass punch that 200watts gave the CS400i running large. I'd heard it at my friends and knew what I was getting. I figured it would be brighter than Carver (which is running the rest) and it is. Even so, it's got a nice open presentation with very good detail. I think you'll be pleased with it on the LSiC.

    Combo rig:

    Onkyo NR1007 pre-pro, Carver TFM 45(fronts), Carver TFM 35 (surrounds)
    SDA 1C, CS400i, SDA 2B
    PB13Ultra RO
    BW Silvers
    Oppo BDP-83SE

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