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    Default LC265i or LCi-RTS-105?

    I'm having a tough time deciding. Price is no object for this comparison.

    Can someone help me with the pros and cons of both? I plan to match them with lc80fx's and either the LCi-C or RTS-C plus an SVS sub.

    Usage will be 80% movies/20% music.

    I understand that the RTS series comes with enclosures - which is nice. The LC265i appears to have a wider frequency range (due to the slightly larger mid-range speakers I imagine). After that, I'm kinda lost.

    I'm a little curious as to why there appear to be no professional reviews of the RTS-105s. It's hard enough to even find end user feedback on them.

    As always, any insights are appreciated.

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    Hmm, perhaps no one has any experience with the RTSs. Does anyone know if the RTS series is being discontinued?

    I just tried looking around for RTS series speakers on the authorized online retailer sites, and finding them is very difficult.

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