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    Smile Surround Speaker A+B and Surround Back Speaker

    My setup is 5.1 ch.
    Denon 4308Ci use as a pre-amplifier.
    Sunfire Amp is Bi-Wiring to LSIs.

    I thought in the future:
    I.- Setup 5.1 channel:
    Sunfire Bi Amplified (front and center).
    Use the terminals of the speakers of the Denon 4308Ci (Surround Speaker A and Surround Speaker B) for Bi Wiring LSif/x.
    Bi Wiring LSif/x: Using a woofer and tweeter in A + B connecting the speakers.
    Denon 4308Ci configuration A + B Surround Speaker management
    Is that correct?

    II.- Setup 7.1 channel:
    Sunfire Bi Amplified (front and center)
    Use the speaker terminals of Denon 4308Ci(Speaker Surround A and Surround Back Speaker ) for LSif/x:
    Surround Speaker and Surround Back Speaker
    Is that correct?

    I would like to hear your opinion

    01) DENON AVR-4308CI: Advanced 7.1 CH/5.1+2 CH/ 3.1+2+2 CH A/V Home Theater /MultiMedia Multi-Source/Zone Receiver with Networking and WiFi/170 watts x 7 channels
    02) SUNFIRE Grand Signature - Bob Carver's
    03) OPPO DV-980H 1080p Up-Converting Universal DVD Player with HDMI and 7.1CH Audio
    04) DENON DVD-2500BTCI: Blu-ray Disc™ DVD/CD Digital Player/Transport (change for a OPPO BDP-83 Blu-ray Disc Player will be available soon)
    05) HITACHI P55T501. 55" HD1080 Plasma HDTV
    06) POLKAUDIO LSiC (Center speaker)
    07) POLKAUDIO LSi15 LEFT (Front speaker)
    08) POLKAUDIO LSi15 RIGHT (Front speaker)
    09) POLKAUDIO LSif/x LEFT (Surround speaker)
    10) POLKAUDIO LSif/x RIGHT (Surround speaker)
    11) VELODYNE OPTIMUN SERIES (High Output Digital EQ SubWoofer 2400W/1200WRMS)

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    France and Costa Rica



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