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Thread: RT1000 repairs

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    Default RT1000 repairs

    RT1000 POWERED TOWERS spearkers, one of the speakers blew a component on the main circuit board.The store that sold them to me does not support repairs on these units any more and since i live in Toronto I'm sure if it's worth it to ship them back to Polk for repair.Seems a shame to just chuck them out. If anyone knows where they can be repaired without breaking the bank, please let me know.

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    Contact Polk CS. I have no idea but they may have a repair depot in Canada. It looks like the xo and the powered sub amp may all be located together, can't say for sure but you could probably just send the effected component back or order a replacement if they are available.
    Good luck

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    Hey brotherbob, welcome to Club Polk! As far as the component...Im assuming the amp, you can send it in (not the entire speaker itself) and they can diagnose it and hit you up with an estimate. They took care of me right away when I posted a thread on here!
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    Welcome to Club Polk brother Bob.

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