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    Thumbs up Tale of two configs.. Which one?

    Hello all,

    New here, but old with Car Audio.. :) Anyways, I USED to be in the local SPL league & comps about 12 years back and I loved it, been awhile since then and I recently purchased a new car (09 Toyota Camry SE) So now I am fairly set on Polk and leaning hard towards SQ and possible SQ comps..

    So my Questions

    I am looking at 2 configs

    mm6501, mm691, (2)mm124svc, 500.4 & 1200.1 (2 ohm)


    SR6500, (2) SR124dvc, 500.4 & 1200.1 (1 Ohm)

    Never really thought about not using back speakers and not very often are there people in the back seat, nor do I listen to DVDs or Surround sound. mostly CDs & iPod

    I would be thinking I would like to Bi-Amp the 6500s for better SQ as well as locating the tweets in the pillar or dash top (Pillar is better?) Odd ball thing is I am trying to keep the car *Looking* as stock as possible. i am building the encloures and the amp rack, etc, so not an issue.

    The car will be Dynamatted (doors in & out, trunk, rear deck, possible roof/partial floor), dynalined (front doors & rear deck) and dynaplated (Holes in front door and rear deck) ... Yes, I am a fan of the Dyna products..

    So any suggestions to my install/config would be greatly appreciated.
    I have been pouring over the tuning docs I have found here and they have a lot of useful info, but I am sure once I get this setup, I will have alot of questions as SPL is ALOT less technical than SQ..

    Also, Do I go with the speaker adapters that come with the 6500's? (6x9 opening in door of Camry) or do I make a custom MDF spk adapeter?


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    mobile monitor line is no slacker but SR is obviosly better. 2nd choice is my vote. u don't need rears.
    Polk MM6501 kick panels, Eclipse cd7200mkll and SW9122 Bomb Box, Cadence A4, A7, CAP5, JL8W3V3

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    Yeah, skip the rears and go with the SR's.

    Im have been competing with the SR's since 2006 and have had pretty good results.
    polkaudio sound quality competitor since 2005
    MECA SQ Rookie of the Year 06 ~ MECA State Champ 06,07,08,11 ~ MECA World Finals 2nd place 06,07,08,09
    08 Car Audio Nationals 1st ~ 07 N Georgia Nationals 1st ~ 06 Carl Casper Nationals 1st ~ USACi 05 Southeast AutumnFest 1st

    polkaudio SR6500 --- polkaudio MM1040 x2 -- Pioneer P99 -- Rockford Fosgate P1000X5D

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