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    Default POLKs new wireless subwoofer

    Anyone has it yet? Your opinion on that subwoofer... (not necessarily have to be owner's opinion but always good to know their opinon)

    Wireless sounds good to me but quality???
    I am 100% BORN DEAF and No I am not kidding! :D Why am I here? My wife's hearing! :p

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    -3db is decent though for a wireless sub, looks like targeted at....competition
    the price is point it good though.

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    Hmm... I wonder how they get around the latency of wireless transmission. Then again, I suppose you could just offset the subwoofer distance to account for it if it was too bad (and I guess auto-setups like Audyssey would account for this by their nature). Pretty interesting. Can't wait to see some reviews.

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    I have HSU wireless subs and the wireless works well... If the signal is poor I sometimes get a pop noise, but other than that it works very well.
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