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    Default CL Ad, curious as to what they are?

    No affil, but I've never seen these things and thought I'd educate myself and possibly others viewing this thread. By the way, whatever they are is that a reasonable price?
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    Quote Originally Posted by heiney9 View Post
    Any clue how to use the internet? Found it in about 10 sec.

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    Some variation of a corner horn. . .

    Really no clue, though. Good luck discovering their origin. I wouldn't take a flier on something for $500 before knowing what they are beforehand. Probably a franken-speaker if they can't even find a manufacturer name and model number on them.

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    Never seen anything like them (and I've seen a lot of different speakers). Similar to the Allison One and even a bit evocative of the DCM timewindows... but they're neither.

    I might ask over at AK or AA, unless one of you all cares to...
    all the best,

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