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    Default FXi30 or f/x300i?

    So I'm finally ready to get rid of my JBL Northridge surrounds and have a full Polk theater!!!

    I picked up a pair of FXi30 last year from Doro, but have not installed them yet; couldn't stand the smell, so took them out of the box and they have been in the storage area since then (I did remove all the sticky goo).
    Today I received a pair of f/x300i I got in the FM.

    My plan is to use one pair as sides in dipole and one pair as backs in bipole. Want to use the better ones on the sides since there's very little material going to the backs, but they look pretty much the same. Just because of the extended frequency I thought of using the FXi30's on the sides.

    Anyone thoughts, or are they really pretty much the same?

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    they are the same for the most part... so use them as you please.. just not as fronts or center. :p

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    Smell? Sticky Goo?! TMI, bro, TMI!!!
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