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    Default Sure this is old news - Playstation (original)

    ....finally got my hands on one of the original model Playatation 1's....SCPH-1001. The one with Audio RCA outputs. Hooked into a secondary system...old receiver with Paradigm Atoms......really does sound nice....very clean and clear with good bass. Sounds better than the Sony DVD player it replaced. Haven't tried it in my main rig....use a DAC in that system. Great for use in funky office rig

    Got the player and 15 games including Golf...for the price of 2 new cd's. Now I can put on some tunes and play Golf without going out into this HEAT WAVE.

    here are links
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    now i want one to play around with lol.
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    I had one of the first original PS. I ended up giving it away because it would only play a disc when turned upside down.

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    ...thought you modder's would be all over this. Below are mods some have come up with. You can pick one up up on fleabay for $20.00

    ....interesting that Stereophile would write an article on it.
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    I just bought of of the original 1001's at Good will. Controller, power cord, ps1 and crappy AV cable came out to $11.00; getting a remote for it and planing on doing the internal remote mod...

    I think it sounds good. Wish I had something truly upscale to compare it to; I think it sounds better than my Onkyo cd/dvd changer I was using before.
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