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Thread: RTi10 vs RTiA7

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    Default RTi10 vs RTiA7

    I originally posted this in the Clubhouse which may be the wrong area.
    Could someone help me out with a simple question(s). I noticed the price difference between the RTi10's and the RTiA7's. They look virtually the same. Other can cabinet differences (height and width) what are the differences between these two. I currently have RTiA3's for my front channel and a CSi5 center channel.
    Thanks for your help.:

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    The difference is in the cabinet. Differences are primarily cosmetic ..although some claim slight improvement in sound.
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    Quote Originally Posted by anton.chigurh View Post
    The difference is in the cabinet. Differences are primarily cosmetic ..although some claim slight improvement in sound.
    I agree.

    When the RTiA series came out there were excellent discount prices on the RTi speakers and they became real bargains. Take advantage of the lower prices on the RTi speakers while they are available.

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    I own the RTiA7's and when I was shopping I demoed the R10's but found them to be overly bright and somewhat fatiguing because of that. The A7's seemed much more natural and quite honestly if I hadn't purchased SDA's I'd still love them as my main HT and two channel speakers. The rounded cabinets of the A7's are much better looking as well.
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