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    Default Canton 5.1 w/SVS sub review

    What's up guys? I just got back from leave and had a heck of a time with the wife. The good thing is I'll be home 10 weeks from now so I'm pretty stoked.

    On with the show...

    The Marantz SR7002:

    So I got home and saw all the boxes in the entryway of the condo and pooped a little because I had the Marantz, Canton and SVS boxes staring me in the face. I felt like a 5 year old that gets a new bike for Christmas. The first thing I unpacked was of course the Marantz.

    First impressions- This receiver is beautiful, silver with a goldish tint. A ton of inputs and lots of options to boot.

    Lasting impression- So after I hooked up my Canton's and SVS I turn the thing on and I see DHP mode. I thought it was nothing at first but then after a bit of messing around with the receiver, looking in the manual and making a call to the HiFi-Profis (local high end audio shop in Germany, they have everything) I realized that I had to send the flippin' thing back for services. To say I am upset would be an understatement. So I went to Media Markt and bought a Denon AVR1910.

    Denon AVR1910:

    Overall impression- Nice receiver, powers the speakers fine, not really what I wanted to use with this setup.

    Canton Chrono 509's (front):

    Fronts: These are some of the nicest speakers that I have seen or heard in their price range. These speakers have two 7" woofers, one 7" midrange and a protected tweeter. They sound fantastic...on the denon, I can only imagine what they would sound like with a receiver that matches well with them.

    Canton Chrono 505 (center):

    The center channel has two 6" mids and a tweeter which I thought would have been drowned out by the fronts and the sub but this center more than holds it's own. Speech is crisp and clear, which is good because I'm partially deaf.

    Canton Chrono 502's(rears):

    The 502's are nice in both the sound and size department. Each has one 7" woofer paired with a tweeter. They make background noise bearable, My wife and I watched Driven on DVD and during the race in Germany with the rainstorm she looked outside because she thought it was raining. I just wish the placement could be a little better but I will work on that when I get home.

    SVS PC12NSD (sub):

    I like to call this thing the beast, my wife would call it an eyesore (if she knew what eyesore meant) but instead she calls it ugly. The sub itself as many of you know stands just over 3' high and I can barely fit my arms around it, it's huge. The response and sound of this sub is amazing, I'm partial to Velodyne and I would recommend this sub over a comparable Velo any day. The only real problem is that I can't use it to it's full potential because I have a duplex condo and this thing is LOUD!! I found that about 40% is just right for the current layout but I plan to keep this for a while so I'm sure one day I'll be able to use it to it's potential.

    Overall impression:

    For what I spent on the system I am very happy, even though my Marantz was bad right out of the box. With the Denon receiver I fell that my system is not running to it's potential but I will make due for now and hope that the Marantz is back by the time I get home. I would recommend the Canton speakers to anyone looking for a quality speaker build and great sound. Someone once told me that the Canton's are the German equivalent to Polk's and I would have to agree. If I had to compare these speakers to Polk's I would say RTi A7's, between an A4 and A6 and A3's

    I put some pics in the showcase, obviously this is still a work in progress because I don't have moulding on the floor yet and my gaming systems are still with me in Iraq.

    If you guys want to check out the house I posted some pics on facebook as well...

    Receiver: Marantz SR7002
    Fronts: Canton Chrono 509 DC
    Center: Canton Chrono 505 CM
    Surrounds: Canton Chrono 502 SP
    Sub: SVS PC12-NSD
    TV: 40" 1080i JVC Multisystem LCD(upgrading to 50" Samsung LED)
    Blu-Ray: PS3
    DVD: Pioneer DV-420V (HDMI)(for PAL DVD's)
    Audio/Music: MacBook Pro hooked up thru HDMI
    Gaming: PS3 (oifvet0608) XBOX 360 (JAYtheVET)
    Cables: Inakoustik Reference

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    Nice looking set up (gear and crib) congrats you put together a nice set up in your home away from home.
    Enjoy and thanks.

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