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    Default Wireless Headphones

    I'm looking to get some wireless headphones, and am looking for suggestions of brands/models to look at.

    Some of the things I'm looking for:

    I don't want noise cancelling (need to be able to hear external noises), but some attenuation from the earpads is fine.

    I'd prefer the type that cover the full ear. But I now wear glasses so not sure if that makes it hard to find full ear types that are comfortable.

    Can I even expect excellent audio fidelity and drop-out-free wireless connection from these? Looking at online reviews it seems maybe not. Which is why I ask here. You guys may know some lesser-known brands that make a good product.

    Any suggestions or alternatives appreciated.

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    Wireless headphones are like wireless speakers; there are no good ones....
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    I owned a pair of top of the line Sennheisers for about a day.
    Wireless headphone are crap. Sitting 8 feet away from the base in
    a straight line, moving my head one inch either way would cause a dropout.
    I took them back. I tried a couple of other brands, and then gave up.
    Get yourself a good , long cord. I've got a 20' Cardas on my Hd650's.
    I'd rather be tethered than put up with wireless performance(or lack of).
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    I had a pair of Sony wireless headphones, they were just ok, when sitting fairly close. when moving around they were mediocre to say the least.
    I gave them to my sister-in-law so she can watch TV while walking on the treadmill.....she loves them.


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