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Thread: subwoofer help

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    Default subwoofer help

    i got a rockford p3 15 inch that is a dual 4 ohm sub. i got a 2 channel amplifier that is 2 or 4 ohms. i need to hook the sub up to both channels but dont know if you just hook up positve and negative to both sides of the voice coil or what. if somebody knows how to do that or if you can even do that.

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    Default help

    if anybody can tell me anything it would help alot.

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    Do you have a crossover, EQ or LFE? If not, you need to combine the signal coming from L+R prior to amplification. Then set the amp to 2 ohms.
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    i do have a LPF switch on my amp which is turned down to 60 htz. but can i do that. just hook up the postive and negative to one voice coil to one channel and the other one to the other channel. if so would that make it a 2 ohm load.

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