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Thread: Tonearm rewire

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    Default Tonearm rewire

    I want to rewire the tonearm on my Pro-ject 6.9 turntable. The stock wires are barely larger than a human hair and everytime I put a cartridge on or off I break a lead off the wire. They seem impossibly thin to properly conduct the signal. I'm just wondering what some of you have done in this area. I don't want to break the bank but I want wire that is thicker and less prone to breakage. I see silver wire is sometimes used for this. Opinions?

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    sorry i can't help you personally brother but Robert here @ seem's to really know his stuff (about Dual brand anyway's) and if he can't help he may know someone that can :) I'm shure TT service is pretty standard across the board so you might be good to go....

    i'll be bringing him the 510 and a new 505-3 when i get it :D
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    Default TT rewire

    Hi Kelvin,
    I rewired my denon with Cardas tonearm wire. I preferred it over the solid silver I tried. The Cardas is more balanced with better bass. Its easy to work with but IIRC the insulation was a pain to remove. Scrape and use a hot iron to tin the ends and it works well. Parts Connexion has it. I also have a Hagerman burn-in device called a FryKleaner that will burn-in the wires faster(3 days). Phono wires will take hundreds of hours to settle if you use the cartridge for the signal because of the very low VA. Some use a tuner or cdp for VA to burn-in the phono wire.

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    I used Cardas tonearm wire on mine from BritAudio here.

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