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    Default NADT955 or Rotel 1095 Opinions please...

    Looking for an amp to add to my Denon 2808 and Mythos ST system. Prefer the looks of the Rotel, but the laid back NAD sound. Unfortunately, I have not heard either paired with the ST/10 combo. Any feedback on the amps or combo?

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    I never tried the NAD, but I used the Rotel 1095 and I have to say I was not impress.
    I don't really know what happened, it might be that it needs a dedicated electric circuit or something it just didn't sound right with my old setup, or maybe I was bother by the weight of the amp. in any case I ended up with my sunfire I never looked back. I love the sunfire, it has all the power I need on a 40lb box.
    I do agree with you the rotel has a great look and that was one of the reasons I wanted to have it. but it just didn't work for me.
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    I don't have any multi-channel NAD amps, but I have NAD gear (amps and receivers) powering 6 of my systems right now. When I go with a multi-channel amp (Christmas?), it will in all likelyhood be a NAD.

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    I buy on sound first and looks second. I don't look at my audio, I listen to it.

    With that being said I have had hands on with the NAD 272. That was a very capable amp. I haven't heard the Rotel you are looking at.

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    Another option you may consider if you are thinking about rotel is their d-class amps. They get reviewed better then the 1095 by almost everybody that's heard them. They aren't as warm, it's more if a sterile price feel but they are so precise in the mids and highs it's amazing!
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    PS3/Xbox 360 as source and PC transport

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