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    Default Polk Audio Direct

    Dont know if this is the exact place I should post this but,........ on Polk's ebay store Polk Audio Direct there are some ridiculous deals going on. They two or three of every kind of monitor speaker (refurbished of course) going for (in some cases) less than half of their original retail value! Also there are a ton of the the new Rti A series of speakers going for nearly half the retail! ( and a bunch of csi5's going for 179 shipped!!) Seeing all those speakers, I felt I couldn't stand by and not let my fellow Club Polk members know about these great deals....especially the ones that are not so well endowed in the money department like me....Have a great day!
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    Center: CSi5
    Fronts: rti10s
    Rears: monitor 50s
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    Thanks for the heads up royalty, I am set for now in the speaker department, but the Polk Direct site usually has some crazy deals. I'm sure someone will benifit from this.

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    Polk Audio Monitor 10A's

    It's not that I'm insensitive, I just don't care.. :D

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    Why are the TSi series always the same price or more as the RTi A line? The tsi 300 399$, or the RTi A 5 for 379$. It's always like that on their ebay store. I've never been able to figure out why the TSi line always costs more then their RTi A line equivalent, when refurbished.
    Denon 1909, want to upgrade for pre outs
    Fronts-polk RTi A5
    center-polk CSi A4
    Sides Polk FXi A6
    rears- polk rm8's
    sub-SVS pb-13 ultra
    Blue ray-ps3
    Panasonic plasma 50 inch
    Buttkicker(don't use or need it anymore since getting the Ultra)

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    I just got my rti a5's, csia6, and fxi a4's all of polk direct. All came looking perfect and like new, and work great to boot! Now if I can only figure out all the damn settings on my sc07...
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    Run MAACC.. it does wonders. After playing 50+ hours on ur new speakers, run MACC again and u wud see improvements..

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    Bed Room: Pioneer Elite VSX-52 , Monitor 50


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