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    Default Integrated vs AVR

    Forgive my ignorance, but what is the difference between an integrated amp and an AVR?

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    An integrated amp will simply let you connect multiple sources to it. It normally has no advanced features such as surround sound decoding/EQ/AM/FM Tuner etc... You would supply all of that.

    Hope this helps

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    Generally the AVR is used in a HT type set-up, the integrated amps are mostly used in two-channel stereo rigs, some integrated pieces have an HT-bypass which allows the piece to be used within an HT rig when listening to music in stereo, integrated amps/components offer better sound quality for stereo, while the AVR=Audio/Video Reciever for your HT rig where subtle musical nuances, dynamics, space, soundstage and such words used by audio 2-channel lovers to describe the musical recording are less important with the FX effects found in todays soundtracks which the AVR excels in decoding. That said there is a very wide range of gear available in both areas where the lines become less obvious, but generally the costs go way up. Two-channel receivers are also available which offer Tuners are also available these are at times also referred to as integrated receivers.

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