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    Default Flea market find

    Every weekend down in Bay City there is a farmers market that has a flea market. Always different stuff, have gotten toys for the little ones, some vinyl and other little do-dads. Last weekend I picked up a belated birthday (9/12) present a Vintage Paradigm SB-100 sub woofer. Nothing to special, old school late '80s, early '90s design band pass with dual spring terminals for input, and output. I currently have it hooked up in the living room running off a onkyo integrated, being feed from the lfe out on my AVR. Sound wise it's not as tight as the SDA's but does dig a little deeper. I have the crossover set at 40hz My surrounds cut out about 60hz or so, but do just fine. This will live here for a while, I figured for 20 bucks, worst case I hook it up in the back of the mini van and power it off my little old mtx amp.

    Oh yeah, I've searched high and low, and can not find any info on this thing. If anyone knows anything about it please pass the info along.

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