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Thread: wiring?

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    Default wiring?

    Ok I basically have the whole day tomorrow free, so I thought maybe I should try to re-wire my speakers differently and to see how will it sound.

    I'm currently running a passive setup, with both woofers and tweets running in a two channel pdx 2.150 with the polk crossovers.

    I'm want to see how the sr5250 sound like if I place each woofer and tweeter in its own channel. But I don't have sound processor, nor could I splurge for one atm. So I'm thinking of running 2 woofers to each channel without the crossovers (adjusting range with amp of course), and the tweets to each of its on channel with the polk crossovers. I will run these components with pdx 4.100 and I've checked with polk, they said each tweet and woofer can handle up 175rms. But the thing is I'm kind of scared that I will damage the woofers, so is this worth doing or will I be wasting my time?

    I'm just sort of bored tomorrow and trying to find something to do lol.

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    i'm a bit confused.. but basically u want to:

    - run the pair of woofers on the pdx 2.150 (one per channel)
    - and the tweets off the 4.100 (one per channel at 2x100? or bridged 2x200?)

    if u go this way then u will need a good head unit which can give u a bandpass filter for the woofer signal. this way: the woofers will play 60hz up to 3.2Khz while the tweets will do 3.2Khz and up (if run off the passive)

    this will work and sound clean. plenty of headroom. i don't like bridging amps. also, the tweets do not need 2x200 to play loud. i run mine off a 4.100 and they see 100 rms each. at this level i attenuate them at about 3db down.

    listen to a good home reference system first before u tune. too much power on highs will get u deaf or at least give u hearing fatigue and an unbalanced sound. IMHO :-)

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