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    Default What amp to run RTIa9s??

    Im currently building a house with a HT room. I have decided to go with the RTIa9's as my main stereo speakers however I am unsure as to what amplifier to use. I plan on doing full 7.1 surround with them, plus run some out side speakers off the same system eventually. Would something like the Yamaha Z11 be good enough? or should I go for more a Rotel power amp set up? perhaps with a denon or marantz pre amp?

    Basically do the 9s really need up to 500watts?

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    IMO the more power the better. Even if you never use it I found that amps that have higher output seem to sound better at low or mid volume level.
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    The Z-11 is a great AVR if you have the cash. Lowest price i have seen new: (correct me if im wrong) is about $2400. Dont know about used, but im powering my A-9's with a Pioneer Elite SC-O5 (130x7) for less then half the price. No dropoff in performance whatsoever. I currently have my Emotiva 3-channel amp doing those duties, but the SC-05 is no slouch all by itself. Would highly recommend any of the Elite: (ICE amp) models: SC-05,SC-O7, SC-25, or 27. Incredible "Bang for the buck" IMO.:D

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    A Rotel 1090 amp(380x2)@8ohms would do the trick!
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    Agreed with Danz. I would run that whole setup using a Pio Elite SC-07/05 if you can find one as a pre/pro. As for amp Rotel 1090 or a 7chan amp with 200watts per chan. I drive my RTi12s with D-Sonic Magnum 1000S. You use power amp to drive the fronts and use AVR to driving other speakers, thats an option should you choose to go that route. Audiogon has a few things so try there also. The A9s don't need a full 500 watts but I personally like toys so I wanted to try ICEAmps so bought D-Sonic. There's a number ways to run your setup if you decide you dont want full 7 chan amp. If you really want bang for buck I would buy Outlaw Audio Monoblocks, 1 per speaker.
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