Well, first I learned that pre-order I put in with Bestbuy for a 5-CD John Coltrane Box Set, called Side Steps (his early dates as a sideman with Red Garland and many others on the Prestige label are included in 24-bit resolution) has shipped. This is to be released next week and retails for $59.99, but was listed there for 11.99.

It seems like there aren't too many jazz fans here, but if anyone wants the product/item link just let me know.

Second, I just won my second Ebay auction, ever. Picked up a brand-new shinkwrapped edition of the 2000 Jimi Hendrix Experience 4-CD set for 20.35 plus 3 bucks shipping. As someone noted in a different thread, this is currently retailing for $54 on Amazon.