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    Default SurroundBar SDA remote programming problems

    I just bought the SurroundBar SDA. I am trying to program the remote, but am getting no response at all. I can select 'Remote', the orange light blinks, and I can select one of the buttons, like 'Mute', and the orange light turns steady. But then, no matter what remote I use (I have tried three different ones) or what button on the remote I press, there is no response whatsoever from the SurroundBar SDA. No blinking green, no blinking red, nothing. It stays on the solid orange light. If I press 'Remote' again, the light turns back to solid green.

    Am I missing a step here?

    Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

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    Default SurroundBar SDA remote problems

    Got a SurroundBar SDA a couple of days ago. This one came with a credit card size remote control (cute, but not mentioned in the manual) which doesn't work. The programming of other remote controls doesn't work either, just like trbuckley described it.
    I emailed Polk tech support but haven't heard from them yet.
    Anyone else out there who can help?

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    trbuckley & jay loren,

    Have you checked out our Surround Bar SDA IHT programming tips and tricks thread?

    This may help to solve any issues you are having -

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