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    Default RT3000p 1000p and 2000p Upgrades?!

    Any common or uncommon upgrades that you guys know of? Just wondering, thanks!
    Too many good quotes to list..waiting for some fresh ammo. :)

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    Those lineups are just getting to the age that capacitor upgrades will be needed in both the built-in amps and speaker crossovers before too long. The caps in the 3000s amps have been an issue of stability since production if I recall.

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    I have had no issues as of yet with my RT3000p's but the plate AMP's can be repaired!...there is a thread on here in this section that talks about them.

    Polk audio RT3000p's
    Velodyne CHT15's x2 subwoofers! one for each tower
    RT2000i's as surrounds

    Looking for RT2000i's or RT3000p's...PM me...or click on profile and respond to my WTB ads...thanks!!!

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    As mentioned before, plate amp on the RT3000p (and other powered RT models) will probably be the first to go. In Canada, Polk deals with a certified repair place that actually has a couple of rebuilt units kicking around for cheap. That is how I got mine fixed, but I did ask for my faulty one back. And as mentioned, check out the eBay company out of Chicago who repairs these plate amps. In fact, I would go as far as to do what I am doing, build up a stock of replacement parts and drivers, for that rainy day. My RT5000 rig will be with me forever, because it is the ultimate (imo) HT rig period, so I want to be able to service it myself, once parts are no longer available.

    Unfortunately, the next thing to go after the plate amps will be the sub drivers. I have had two MW8500's rattle on me at higher volumes. Took me forever to find a hardcore guy that had 8 of these drivers as backups, mainly because they are discontinued. Needless to say, I bought 4 of them, 2 for an immediate repair, and 2 as spares. I am getting a similar rattle on higher volumes now on my CS1000p subs, and those drivers (MW7015) are also discontinued, so on the hunt again for a replacement.

    See my post on the sticky (top) for vintage drivers, where I list all the driver numbers for the RT3000/CS1000/FX1000, and what is available and what is discontinued.


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