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    Default Is there anything I can DIY for my tube buffer??

    Was looking for better sound, Bought a Grant Fidelity B-283 Tube buffer, Came with cv4010 rk-d-sda tubes(supposed to have 6j1 crap)... have no clue as to how good they are. One does seem to light up dimmer than the other... Just wondering besides tube rolling... is there anything I can easily do to it that will make the sound better? Should I just crack it open and see whats goin on?? Any help/ advice is very appreciated... Im a newbie. Only in it for about 1.5 yrs now.
    TV- Insignia 46'' LED,1080p,120hz
    Monster Power center hts3600 mk2
    Onkyo tx sr 503
    Rm6600 with 4 sanus stands
    Dayton HPSA500, JVC Arsenal dvc 2ohm 12" wired to 4ohms in 1.5 cu ft sealed box
    extras... RT10's.rti4s.atrium 5's.

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    Take a look inside.
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    Upgrading the coupling caps is one possibility.

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    I replaced the stock 6J1s with Mullard 8100s. The stock 6J1s actually don't sound that bad. I also added some Herbies Tube Dampners to mine after reading inspiredsport's review on the tube buffers. I've had great results with this setup. Are you not happy with the B-283's sound? Like I said, it's done some really good things to my overall sound. Of course synergy always plays into these things. I recommend reading inpsiredsports thread on tube dampners. There was some really good info there. I have seen others recommending changing the power cored and/or power source on different tube buffers to get better sound. Check out this link: BTW, having one tube slightly brighter than the other is normal and is no cause for concern.

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