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    Default Questions for RTA 12B owners

    I have spent a lot of time the last 2 years researching the RTA 12 series as it is really screwy and inconsistant parts wise. I am trying to establish a timeline. dealing with the 12B in particular so I have a few questions for owners of early 12Bs. Based on the seriel number on the back of your 12B (not the top crossover board)

    1 Does anyone with a 12B have 6500 drivers??? If so what is marked on the back of your tweeter 7514---- or 5514---? How many caps on your top board 7 or 5 ???

    Does anyone have a tweeter on a 12B marked 7514-----? If so what driver do you have?? How many caps on the top board 7 or 5 ???


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    Anybody there?? Still looking to hear from early RTA 12B owners Thanks

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    Sorry I can't help, only have a set of 12c's. 5 caps on the board on my 12c's. Good luck finding the info you need.
    Polk Audio RTA 12c's, Monitor 7c, Monitor 5JR+, SDA CRS+

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    I didn't pull the drivers, but my 12Bs have 5 caps on the crossover.

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