Hi,Im hoping for a bit of advice.I use a YS Audio A2se tube pre in my system.
About 4 months ago the dam thing almost caught fire because the transformer decided to cook it self.(apparantly YS Audio know about this fault,they had some faulty transformers that they couldnt track down)Even though I prchased it second hand YS Audio sent replacement transformer from China to New Zealand for free!
It took a long time to get everything repaired and I was also waiting for my A1 dreadnaught to be built before I could fire evreything up with my SRS 1.2tls'.
I have one small problem with the pre though.If I hold the volume control with my hand I can hear random radio stations coming through the speakers!This gets louder as I turn up the volume and dissappears when I let go.(only happens when I touch the volume knob no other part of the pre)There is also more hiss coming through the tweeters then i remember as well.Someone has told me that the volume control is not grounded properly.What do you guys think?Is it something I can fix myself ,or is it back to the repair man?
Ps when the music is playing it sounds sooooo good,I dont want to really replace it.