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Thread: Emotiva

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    Question Emotiva

    I see a lot of pictures posted showing the inside of the Emotiva XPA-2/3/5. I assume that the torroid is inside the black box encasement in the front of the amplifier. Does anyone have a picture showing what it looks like? I assume it looks like torroids found in other amplifier in terms of size based on the specification posted on the Emotiva website.

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    Welcome to the Club!

    Alot of companies encase thier torroid,maybe for looks?
    Whats the scoop on the Emotiva CD player???
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    I think they encase the torroid on the xpa's because at full draw it can generate a magnetic field which can distort A/V signal's and such....


    After having my xpa5 for a week or so i can say: WOW! I never knew how much i was actually missing when using only the AVR! Can you imagine if i would have spent like $3k - $5k on an amp? I would have like 10 time's better sound ;)

    I see some more Emotiva product's in my future. Great price's, AWESOME customer service and IMHO a wicked product! Happy listening :D
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