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View Poll Results: Which power amp for the office rig?

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  • 2 X Outlaw M200

    1 6.67%
  • Adcom GFA5500

    3 20.00%
  • Adcom GFA5800 (at the rice price point)

    4 26.67%
  • Other

    7 46.67%
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    Default Power amp choice - advice welcome

    I am looking for a power amp for the office rig. I'm wanting to turn it into a speaker playground where I can move pairs in and out as I find deals on craigslist, etc. and just try out different brands. I want to make sure I can drive both 8 and 4ohm speakers.

    I currently have an adcom GFA7500 in the HT rig and now that I've been spoiled with that the speakers in the office rig seriously sound constipated like they are just having to work hard to get some sound out.

    I'm open to trying something other than adcom since trying different combos is part of the fun.

    Here are some local options I currently have:

    Outlaw M200: $125 (would need another one) 200wpc
    Adcom GFA5500: $250 (dinged up but functional) 200wpc
    Adcom GFA5800: $600 (more than I want to pay. What is it really worth?) 250wpc.
    Something else?

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    Adcom 545 for about $150-$200 would fit the bill. Even a 535 would work for about $100

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    I really have no clue but i would get the Adcom 5800 out of that list you provided. Better to have more power than needed than to strain the power you have IMHO :o
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