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    Default Help with choice of speakers

    Originaly planned on a pair of ASL WAVE 25s but fell in love with the Jolida 202A with the factory upgrades. Wanted monoblocks but the integrated gave me more watts for the buck and I have a nice stash of various EL34s from playing around with several Hiwatt & Marshall guitar amps over the years. Not going beyond the the RTi line what would you guys recomend for speakers? I have contemplated A3's with a sub A5s A7s not sure I have the juice for A9s? I think I would prefer a dual mid driver speaker because I'm a self indulgent guitar player. I know I can always add a sub down the line but if I could just get floorstanders to cover all bases(no pun intended) I'd be happy. I'm not a huge fan of massive bass. HELP?

    Thanks in advance for such a nice forum!

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    do you have a limit to what you want to spend $wise?

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    That somewhat went by the wayside.

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