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    Default Power & Mute not working with Remote

    Just purchased SurroundBAR SDA. I can program my TV remote for volume UP and volume DOWN - works fine. I can't seem to program MUTE or POWER - I always get the flashing red light. I've tried other remotes (TiVo for example) and same result - volume works fine, MUTE & POWER fail.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    What Brand and Model Television are you using?

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    Default Timing of press and release on remote button is key

    I called Polk Audio tech support and was told the documentation was incorrect on the procedure. Instead of holding down the Mute button, they suggested quickly pressing and releasing the button. After several attempts, it worked - I had to press and release at about one second intervals - not too quickly or slowly - to get the timing right. Finally, the joy of a flashing green light (instead of red).

    TV is a Samsung LCD btw.

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