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    Default JAMO 10" 300W powered sub??

    on a forum I look at for $149 thru vanns with free shipping ...alot of people say they make good stuff.....i got an older i think 10" velodyne u think its worth the upgrade?
    Fronts- RTi8
    Center- CSi5
    Rears- FXiA4
    Sub- Velodyne 12"
    Onkyo TX-SR806
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    1st off it does have a bash amp so that is a huge plus. I have a an old pair of Jamo Duet 50's that I bought back in the early 90's, and they still sound as good as they did when I got them new. I did recently have to refoam the woofers, but otherwise they have stood up well. Im not familier with the newer stuff, but you do see alot of it on ebay.

    Velodyne makes great subs, how old is yours and is there anything wrong with it? I would figure that it wouldnt be an upgrade IMHO.
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