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    Default Can I run this with one amp?

    I'm putting a small system in my f150 crew cab. for the front I got momo 6x8 coaxials and the rear 6x8 DBs. I have a 10' memphis low profile sub. Can I run all 5 off a 500.4 or 200.4? I'm trying to stick to a small budget

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    no, unless you are getting rid of the rears (which you should). If you did that; you can run the momo upfront and the sub in the back, 2 channels per component and 2 channel bridge for your sub with a 500.4. You could probably get away with 200.4 if I know what your sub specs are. It maybe a bit underpowered in bridge mode, but more power is generally better.
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    Run the rears off the headunit for fill only. use the 4 channel amp to run the momos and the sub. you can run all 4 6x8's off the front channels of a 4 channel amp if you want the volume from the rears.

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    Try the 5 channel alpine amp, very small, good clean power all for not a bad price.

    Personally I never liked rear speakers for listening to stereo audio.
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