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    Default TSi400 vs RTi A5

    I am looking at the GREAT DEALS on Polk's ebay site and pretty much think that the "best bang for the buck" deal would be the RTi A5's. I am also looking at some of the other models and see the TSi400 which is $120.00 more at the "buy it now" price.

    The RTi looks to me to be a simple choice with the real wood and lower price, BUT is there anything that I am not seeing here as to the price of the TSi400 costing more. Is it a better speaker, or is there anything different about it that makes it more expensive?
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    Rti-A5s are actually the more expensive and the better speaker...the price on the Polk site only reflects that the TSis are 'newer', not 'better'.

    Definitely buy the A5s you won't regret. More bass, better highs, bigger volume cabinets and real wood veneer!


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    Go for the A5s
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