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    Default Monitor 10 owners:

    What rear/surround speakers do you use or recommend? Also, how do the Monitor 10s compare to newer models - has speaker technology passed me by?


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    Monitor 4,4.5,5,5jr,7,or another set of 10's, this is only if your looking to match visually but otherwise you dont need to match the surrounds sonically, only the center.
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    Speakers haven't changed much over the years, except that cabinets are getting smaller. Monitor 10s are fine speakers... but for rear duty, you don't really need much more than Mon 5s (if you can spare the room) Even some older, smaller Polk bookshelves should do the trick. As much as Monitor 7s would work well... it seems a waste to put them in the rear!

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    I'm using rt/fx's. I had to bump them up a bit on my avr, but the seem to work fine.

    I'm using a csi 3 for my center, but I'd like to try omething else (when the WAF is there)
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    Hi 'PMZ123'.

    No, speaker technology has not passed you by! My 'Monitor 10s' have been used over the years in a dedicated 2-channel A/V system (with various components in the chain), and they have always sounded superb. To me, they are timbrally accurate, exciting to listen to, easy to drive, and non-fatiguing. All desirable qualities in a speaker. I also have a pair of Magnepan MMG's and MG12/QR's, and I often switch back and forth between the 'monkey coffins' and the planars, depending on my mood. I absolutely love both the Maggies and the Polks! Sorry I can't comment on surround speakers, as I am more than satisfied using my Polks and/or headphones to watch DVD's.

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