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    Default (old) U2 remasters

    Anybody else heard these?

    I just borrowed the 2008 remasters of Boy, October and War from the library and compared each to my original 1990 versions.

    Had some weird mixed results...the sound on the War remaster I find to be much better defined than that of the original, the Boy remaster offers a slight improvement and the October I found to be virtually the same as the original. Weird.

    These three albums along with those of R.E.M. and The Smiths were staples of my collection in the late 1980s, so its nice to get at least some improvement, but I can't figure out why my results were so uneven across the board....
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    I have all three on remastered vinyl and they sounded great to me but then I don't have originals to compare them to. I even have the bonus set of three buttons that came with any of the remasters if you bought them when they first came out.
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    I got the Joshua tree on LP 180 re master and it was horrible. One of the few times i have to say the CD was better. The re master cd that is.

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