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    Default How to hook up line preamp to amp and sub with one set of outputs?


    I want to try hooking up my Little Dot MKIII tubed head amp/line preamp to my main 2-channel system (listed in 'System Showcase'), and would like to be able to hook up my Velodyne powered sub as well as my McIntosh MC162 amplifier. The Little Dot only has one set of RCA outputs. Is it possible to use 2 'single male to double female' RCA plugs and hook up both my amp and powered subwoofer (which also has L and R RCA connections) to each channel?

    In other words, the L channel preamp output to both the L subwoofer and L amp


    the R channel preamp output to both the R subwoofer and R amp

    Is this doable, or can I ruin my equipment with impedance mismatches, etc.?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Yes it's doable and somthing like these will work.

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    Thanks for the response and link.

    I was under the impression that this may not be doable because I thought a single preamp output can only drive a single amp or sub input? Is there any truth to this? Isn't there an impedance mismatch which can damage the preamp, amp, or sub?

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    It's fine.
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    Anyone else have 2 or more components (amps, powered subs, etc.) hooked up to only one set of preamp RCA outs (using the type of adaptor shown above)? Technically speaking, there should be an impedance drop across the preamp's RCA jack which could affect the audio quality, no?

    Can any audio experts/engineers please comment on this? Thanks.

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    Definitely not an expert in the area nor an engineer, but if it's worth anything I've done it with no problems at all.

    Done it between 2 sets of subwoofers, and a subwoofer and preamplifier with one set of outputs.
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    I thought that also but I dont think signal has a missmatch problem like speakers can get .
    I use a energy EAC electronic xover coming off my main R/L output off my AVR .
    I think you may get a slight voltage drop (volume) output with many amps but I dont think it can damage anything and I would be surprised if any externall xover has something to increase the gain used from the AVR's output .
    If you need to balance multiple amps make sure there is a gain contolll inline somewhere .
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    If your sub has L&R outs the I would run like this: Preamp out>Sub amp In>Sub amp out>Amp in. This setup allows your sub to filter the crossover freq to the amp i.e.: if Xover on sub is set to 60 Hz then 60Hz and above are only sent to the amp which will allow the maions too not work so hard reporducing the lower freq.
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    The rule of thumb for loading is 10:1. IE...1K output impedance can safely drive a 10K load or higher. Loading to hard will tend to start distortion to rise.

    If you have two 50K input impedance ratings then, for example and a 1K output impedance rating, then the Y is ok. The only problem is usually finding out an honest output impedance rating.


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