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    Red face SurroundBar360 DVD tray won't open

    I'm trying to help a friend who's had this system for a few months. He never could get sound when he played DVDs, and we just discovered that the "DVD console" is in fact a DVD player. He had hooked up an external DVD player, which I've now unhooked.

    What's got me stumped is that the tray on the console won't open. I don't know if this is because the machine is defective or if something needs to be hooked up differently for it to open.

    I've powered the console on and off using the button on the back. I was sure to set it on DVD mode using the remote, then pressed the eject button on the console. The display screen said "open" and I heard sounds, but nothing happened. Tried this a couple times.

    He uses Direct TV and has a 50-something inch Samsung TV. HDMI is connected from the sat box to the TV, and I've got the correct audio cable setup according to Figure 8 in the manual, but I couldn't find a cable for the S-video connection.

    Thanks for any help you can provide. I can follow instructions but I have no idea what any of this means.

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    try to yank the power cord as well, wait at least 20 seconds and then plug it in and then try eject again
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    Cycle the power cord in and out as Sal said, and use the button on the remote. I've had this pop up several times for other 360 users over the past year, and it disappears as quickly as it arises.

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    Russ clear your PM's also could you please get back to me. Thanks!
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    Russ and Lasareath, thanks so much for the suggestions. I unplugged the power supply, let it sit for awhile, then plugged it back in. Tried this several times. Got new messages, "Reading" "No Disc", but the tray still won't open.

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    Default tray wont open

    For what its worth, I had a tray that would not open. Not the same brand/model, but maybe this will help. I carefully pulled the door open with a gentle hand, on my unit. with my glasses on and with a flashlight, I could see a tiny hole in inside there, that a toothpick would fit into. It is a reset hole. Presto, the tray came out.

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