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Thread: adcom question

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    Default adcom question

    OK here is what I have. I have a adcom 5503 which has developed some static on the right side. I noticed it the other day when I muted a tv commercial. I swapped speakers and the static was still there(only on the right side). I changed my speaker wire and thought it was gone but yesterday I noticed it again. Today I swapped my IC's and still there. So disconnected the amp and hooked everything to the avr(denon 988) and it's gone making think it's the amp. It's not bad static as you can only hear if everything is muted but it is there. I've opened it up and can see that this is beyond my capabilites to even attempt a repair. So does anyone know who could repair and possibly upgrade this amp without it costing a fortune? Is this worthwhile to do? The amp works great and I'm happy with it but has this static that bothers me. Is there anything else I can try? Thanks

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    Does the amp make noise when nothing is connected on the input side of amp?

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    odd, what is the condition of the RCA input jacks? did you open the panel and using bottled air to clean out the cobwebs?
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    I didn't try it without any input but I will. I've blown everything out and the rca jacks(input and output)look good. I'll have to try it without any input. Thanks

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