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    Oct 2009

    Default CS2 vs CSI a6 center speakers

    I just recently purchased RTi a9s, (what a speaker!) I've had the CS2 center for about 3 years now. I was thinking about upgrading to the CSi a6. Do you guys think that I will hear and notice a big difference? Any help/info greatly appreciated.


    Current HT:
    Samsung 46" LCD
    Denon-3806 AVR biamped to the A9's
    Pioneer Elite DVD player
    Panasonic Blue-ray Player
    Sony VCR
    Polk Audio RTi A9
    Polk Audio CS2 center
    Advent Jade BR2 surronds
    Velodyne ct120-took the 12" velodyne sub-woofer out, put in a 12" Diamondaudio Macdaddy sub that I had laying around. What a difference.

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    Apr 2008
    Milwaukee, WI


    Get the csi a6

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    Sep 2007


    I have the CS2 and love it! But if I upgraded to the RTi9's(Which I hope to) I would match them with the CSi a6. Either way, congrats.

    TV: Samsung LN40A550
    Mains: Polk Monitor 70's
    Center: Polk CS2
    Surrounds: Polk OWM3's
    Receiver: Onkyo TX sr705
    BDP: Sony S350
    Subs: Velodyne VRP1200 and VRP1000
    Monster Power Conditioner EP IR 2450

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    Oct 2008
    Dixon, IL


    Get the CSiA6!! It's the proper timbre match to the A9's, and will blend with them MUCH better than the CS2 will.

    Looks like a great HT setup you're putting together there. Welcome to Club Polk!:)
    The nirvana inducer-
    APC H10 Power Conditioner
    Denon DVD-2910 universal player
    DPA The Little Bit Three DAC
    Yamaha P-300 turntable/TCC TC-750 phono preamp
    Acurus L10 preamp
    Adcom GFA-545 power amp
    PolkAudio SDA 2A's/PolkAudio Monitor 7A's
    Audioquest Type 4 speaker cables
    Audioquest Sidewinder IC's
    Audioquest Black Mamba IC's
    Signal Cable Analog II IC's

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    Oct 2008
    Richton Park,IL.


    Welcome to the Club!

    The CsiA6 will be a perfect match for your A9s, I used a A6 center with
    my A5 speakers.
    Linn AV5140 fronts
    Linn AV5120 Center
    Linn AV5140 Rears
    M&K MX-70 Sub for Music
    Odyssey Mono-Blocs
    SVS Ultra-13 Gloss Black:D

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    Oct 2009


    thanks everyone for your help. I'm going to see if i can find one for a good price. Thanks

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    Feb 2008
    Knoxville, TN


    Back when I had my Rti 10's I moved from a CS2 to a CSi5 and it was a noticeable improvement. However, in the meantime, you may find that it helps to increase the decibel level on the CS2. Doesn't cost anything to try it.
    MAIN: Polk Lsi9s; Polk PSW505; Lsic (in box); Onkyo SR-875; Parasound 2250; Cambridge Audio 740C; LG BD370
    OFFICE: Polk Lsi7; REL T3; HK 3490; CA 840W; Onkyo C-S5VL
    BENCHED: CS20; OWM3s

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