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    Default change 10a's to 10b's?

    I have an extra pair of monitor 10a's and a couple of sl2000 tweeters. I saw a pair of 10B crossovers on Ebay. What would happen if I kept the 6500 drivers and switched the tweeters and crossovers? Would it improve the sound? These are extra speakers and I don't want to put a lot of money into them, just thought it might be interesting to try. What do you all think? Thanks, Jeff

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    Why not try the cheapest alternative first.. just swap out the tweeters and see how that sounds.

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    If you just swap tweeters or drivers without the right crossover they will not perform as well. I don't know about using the 6500's instead of the 6503's, you should consult with Ken Swauger about that.
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