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    Default Help needed to move/ship the subwoofer

    Hi all,

    I know some of you have "relayed" the speakers around the country... Anyway, after searching for over a year, I finally found a matching sub for mine (NHT SubTwo).

    The sub is in Pennsylvania (18704 zip code - Kingston, PA). Does anyone live close to that place? Is there any chance that we can get it relayed towards Buffalo, NY or Rochester, NY?

    The reason why I am asking is that my current sub was shipped freight on a pallet and it cost an arm and a leg :(.

    Thanks in advance!
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    can you not get it shipped to a UPS or other type location just across the boarder?
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    I haven't thought about it. Do you know any locations close to the border that would do that (hold the package until I pick it up)? Thanks!

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