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    Default New amp - under $2k, ideas?

    Here is my system:

    Parasound Halo A23
    Parasound Halo A52
    Main - LSI 15
    Center - LSIC
    Surrounds - LC65FX
    Sub - DSW600

    I am looking at all possible amps or pre-amp processors. My family watches directv and blue-ray movies, that's pretty much it (hence 2 HDMI inputs). I don't want a receiver/pre-amp with tons of gizmos (won't use). Just want a great receiver to last quite some time. I am partial to Denon but............

    Interested in something used if you got it. Must have pre outs.


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    Pio Elite SC07 should be faily cheap @ under 1k and offer tons of performace. Search the forum for tons of reviews as there are a ton of us here that own the SC05/07. Also look for Icepower. If you cant find the 07, check out the SC 25/27 as they are newer models.
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    I like Pioneer and Yamaha. The Pio sc05/07 are aparently great unit's! I love my Yamaha htr6290 (rxv1900)

    With it now coming to the end of the season you should be able to find some great deal's on new unit's with them looking to make room for new stock :)
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    Parasound Halo A21, tough to beat for just over $2K.

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    Adcom makes some pretty rock solid amps for 5 and 7 channel systems. I can get the hook up if you are interested. :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by mightymouse View Post
    Parasound Halo A21, tough to beat for just over $2K.
    That would be my choice...

    You already have Halo gear, why not stick with what works
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    Quote Originally Posted by beardog03 View Post
    That would be my choice...

    You already have Halo gear, why not stick with what works
    Absolutely. I Couldn't Agree More. Makes Perfect Sense.

    That's What You Should Do, No Question.-----Bill(BB3)
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