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    Default need polk front speakers and psw10 cs10 and tsi100


    first I was shopping only for a sub but heard the tsi100's and about freaked.just love the crispyness of them;compared them tomuch more expensive klipsh and others about 2-3 times the price.

    I have on the way 1 cs10 center 2 tsi100 front or surround and a psw10 sub. dammn new egg keeps giving deals on this stuff (cs10 was $94 shipped and tsi100 were $149 shipped, bought sub at vans for $119 shipped)Wait thats over $350 damn it already. Are these a good match?

    I saw that polk recommend the psw110 instead of the psw10? But I heard the psw 10 and liked it much better ,plus my living roomis small to medium. now for fronts I currently have big 6' 8ohm fairly efficient 4 way old school jbl l250's which I love for 2 ch music. I could use those as fronts or get maybe 2 more tsi-100 or tsi200's?

    Also, my carver amp crapped out and so now I am stuck with an old pioneer 5.1 "100 watt" x5 vsx which actually powers the jbl l250's nicely in 2 ch mode and they sound as good as when they were powered by the carver 1.5t (at low to mid volumes).never tried it in surround mode. maybe too much for this old amp? but recently bought and returned a new pioneer vsx-819h-k when I found the old pioneer sounded much better just no hdmi (but I have lg bd390 blue ray which has decoding and anolog 7.1 outs). Ok, any opionions,ideas? but hurry I am running out of money fast

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    The PSW110 will give tighter more controlled bass and be louder than the cheaper 10...I'd even consider the PSW505 over both...more power, deeper lows...looks more like a PSW10 if you liked that look, can be gotten for the same price as a PSW110.

    If you're considering bookshelves, I definitely go with the TSi-200s...a bit more ooomph there. But I would seriously start considering TOWERS....If your room is small the TSI-300s really don't take up much space but will give you a more spacious deeper sound than the bookshelves. If you have space the TSi-500s are hard to beat! A very nice tower..

    So PSW505, and might be a bit more coin but take it one buy at a time...

    Also get a nice Harman Kardon 200 series (254) AVR. Should have enough power for your needs sounds good with Polk speakers.

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