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    Default MM6501 T/S info? For Custom door enclosure

    Are the Thiele-Small Parameters available for the MM6501 6.5" driver? I've been playing with the WinISD Pro program for both sealed and ported enclosures, but need to have this info for input. If not, could you suggest another similar speaker with TS Parameters I could use as a substitute?

    I'm working on a system build design for my 1990 Nissan Maxima SE using MM6501 comps in the front doors for my front sound stage. In my case, building MDF door enclosures for the 6.5" driver is far easier and less expensive than doing all the door dampening and sealing work required otherwise; dodging that justifies the custom enclosures alone. This might enhance bass as well, a big plus since I'm trying very hard to avoid using Subwoofers in the trunk.

    This idea for the most part has come from looking over the OEM Nissan-Bose ported speaker enclosures in the front doors. When the Bose system worked, these Bose pods produced amazingly good bass and overall sound from a measley 4" plain paper cone speaker. There is more door space available for a new enclosure than what Bose used. Initial results look good for supporting 6.5" drivers.

    I've already have MDF plate-ring assemblies that accept 6.5" speakers that bolt in where the old Bose pods did. Taking this one step further to a box is doesn't look that tough.

    Any info and suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Default Some photos for reference

    Here's some shots of what I'm working with. Nissan designed the door panels with generous depth on the 89-94 Maxima. You can see the depth available from the shots of OEM Bose pod. Makes it tempting to try to duplicate what Bose did, but with the Polk MM6501. Whatever I wind up with will probably get posted on

    OEM Bose F Door enclosures with 4" speaker.

    Maxima 6.5" Door install with same adapter plates I have now (from fellow member's install)

    Where I am now - 6.5" Speaker adapter (MDF) - but tempted to go further to full box. More width and height available with bolting thru the box cavity.

    Obviously, I'm restoring this Maxima and plan to keep it or I wouldn't be going this deep.

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