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    Default Anybody used DAP Alex Plus instead of wood glue?

    This article says it has better damping than regular wood glue like Titebond II and is just as strong. Since it's on the internet I'm inclined to believe it's true unless somebody tells me otherwise ;)

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    Never used it for cabinetry, but I have used silicone as an adhesive on tiles, glass and plexiglass.
    The guy makes a pretty compelling argument and seems like he knows his stuff, not much B.S. I think some diagrams would improve what he's trying to say.

    My own opinion of certain materials like particle board or chipboard is I would not use them in home building or remodel- I certainly wouldn't use them for fine cabinetry- they're loaded with binders that've been proven toxic as it degrades over time.
    But that's me.

    He's spot-on about Baltic birch being the best, though. I'd hope it would be available in our standard 4x8 dimensions, but I've only run across the metric sheets that are about 5' x 5'.
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    pretty sure I will stick with carpenters glue
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    The strength provided by wood glues comes from the fact that they actually penetrate the wood fibers, "welding" the pieces together. Unless the acrylic also penetrates, and you're relying purely on the adhesive quality to hold the pieces together, I wouldn't count on it over the long term. However, given the damping properties, I think that using wood glue like guerrilla wood glue plus an acrylic-silicone to bond a veneer layer might be an ideal combination.
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    To me, it's usefullness really depends on what you're going for when you build the cabinet. If you're going after the most inert cabinet you can get, it makes sense to use it to bind two different materials together. Some use MDF and BB ply together as he does, I've also seeen people bind tile backer board to the inside of MDF cabinets. Different panel materials will have different resonant properties and using an adhesive like the DAP should increase the panels ability to absorb resonance.

    There's another school of thought that says the cabinet material should add to the overall sound of the speaker. Baltic birch panels with shellacs that are made in similar ways as violin or fine furniture builders would.

    IMO, a multi driver speaker would benefit more from having a fairly inert cabinet then a single driver because of the amount of energy the drivers impart to the speaker as a whole. Either way, I'd still use something like Titebond for final cabinet assembly.

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    That's a very good point. I think I'll stick with Titebond II with the cabinet assembly and use DAP Alex Plus only to glue the dampening stuff onto the MDF (pink Owens Corning found at Home Depot).

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