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    Default Hookup for sub in 2 Ch?

    I didn't get any bites on this post in the subwoofer section. Thought I'd give it a shot here in 2 Ch.

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    Hello Jetmaker. It looks like the best plan of action would be to run a speaker level hookup directly to the sub, then off to the speakers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jetmaker737 View Post
    I'm sure this has all been covered here before but I couldn't find any threads addressing the impact of SQ or advantages/disadvantages of the hookup methods.
    When I called Polk many moons ago, they told me that this was the best way to achieve optimum sound in a setup like that. I did not have a LFE either because I run 2 channel only.

    What I ended up with in the longer run was getting a VMPS larger, another amp to run it, along with a Velodyne SMS-1 to blend the mains and sub to each other and all of the rig to the room. That can get a little costly but you do have another option.

    Check out the Polk DSW series. They have a "room optimizer" that will blend the sub to the rooms acoustics. I'm not quite sure if all of them do as I only had the Polk DSWMicro-pro4000, but it did it's job well. At a considerably lower price point than what I currently have. You don't have to worry about a cheap crossover, it does the job fine [sonically] and also has many options that will assist in achieving the best sound. Cool thing is that it can all be done without removing yourself from the listening position.

    Another thing. Try to avoid long IC's. Makes finding proper placement of the sub a bitch.
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    I use a Y splitter from my AVR pre-outs (one part of the Y goes to the amp and the other goes to the sub. I do this so that I can use the sub in pure audio. Since your fronts go pretty low, you will want a sub that goes VERY low and that is considered "musical." You will probably want to cross the sub over somewhere in the vicinty of 60hz (just a guess).

    If you go this route, try to get a sub with a remote because you will probably find that you do not want the sub engaged for all types of music.
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