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    Default Power Amp - Near Miss Experience....

    So I was cleaning the shelf around where the power amp sits in, yesterday. I knew that the GLS nanners for the front speakers cable are loose and easily came off at the power amp posts. When I pulled out the beast, I checked to make sure that they were connected, but it must have loose again. When I turned on the amp, it went to protection immediately. Turned it off and on and it stayed on, but then, I saw a thin smoke came off the top grill with a faint burned smell. I immediately turned it off and reseated the loose nanners. At this point, I thought, oh shiate, I might have blown one of the channels. Turned on the music, spin a BD disc on the player, tested all the channels, and all channels seem to be working OK.

    Now it bugs me to think and wondering where and what the smoke/burnt smell represent. Did I manage to burn a resistor or a cap somehow?

    FYI, the amp is 7 channels Gemstone Blue Diamond, bought in 2005 for $2800...if that matters.
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    Take the top cover off and stick your eye in there with a magnifying glass... It's pretty possible that you could have burnt something and not noticed any sonic difference yet.

    But because that sounds depressing and dark, i'll say that you might be fine. :)
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