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    Default is the psw505 a good choice

    Hello all,
    I have a chance (possibly) to pick up a psw505 from a friend. this is my first sub so dont know much about them. I have an Onkyo 507 and rti8's.
    any opinions. I think I can get it for $200

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    It is a good sub that is a little older. I see it recommended around here often for the budget minded people. Currently Newegg has it new for $250 with free shipping. Looks like it may end today though.

    Overall it is a good sub for the money. Not as good as the DSW or micropro but they are substantially more $$$ too.
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    I have the 505 and am quite happy with it.
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    Have heard nothing but good things about the 505. I myself am thinking about selling my PSW125 and picking up a 505, but probably won't happen before I move.

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    Lots of people will tell you that the New DSW series are Polk's best subs and this is largely true....but of the older subs I'd say the PSW505 in its price class (now about 250 cannot be beaten EVEN by the new subs because you can't get a DSW 600 for that price and that is the sub that is really the TRUE replacement for the PSW505....the 600 is better....but the 505 is no slouch!

    200 for a 505 in good'll be happy with will give you some more low end for your Rti towers..


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    Thanks for the input, we will see what happens.

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