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    Default Wireless F/X surround whistle noise on shutdown

    Hi all,

    I just purchased a wireless F/X surround speaker. A problem - when I power down my home theater system, the F/X makes a very irritating whistling noise - like a bomb dropping in an vintage WWII film. My wife and cat both don't like this, and I may have to return the F/X if it can't be resolved.

    I should note that I am using an Outlaw Model 7125 amplifier. Would it help if I use the line out from the AV receiver/preamp (an Outlaw 990)? But would that affect the sound quality?

    Thanks much.

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    Hello harv,
    Thanks for posting on Polk's forum. Give Polk's CS guys a call at 1-800-377-7655, they'll be able to offer some help.
    Regards, Ken

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    Harv, the sound you describe is likely caused by your Outlaw amplifier's capacitors discharging when you power it off. It's actually a fairly common question here, not specific to the F/X surround. If you connect the F/X surround directly to your 990 (great pre/pro; I also have one) you should avoid that problem, and I believe the sound quality will be just as good or better.

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    Try disconnecting the input cables then sgut the system down.
    This will tell you for sure if this is a transmitter or amplifier problem.

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