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    Default PSW505 or Klipsch SW-450

    Thinking about swapping out my PSW110. The PSW505 is going for $250 on newegg and the SW450 is going for $200 @ BB. It will be used for 50/50 HT and the other half for music. I like to listen to a lot of Rap and Hip/Hop. Which one will be better for my use? They seem similar besides their is the break down:

    SIZE: 12"
    Peak Output: 460W
    Continuous Output: 300W
    Range: 23-160hz

    SIZE: 10"
    Peak Output: 450W
    Continuous Output: 200W
    Range: 28-120hz
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    I don't read the newsssspaperssss because dey aaaallllllllll...... have ugly print.

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    Welcome to the Club!

    I say go for the Polk!
    Linn AV5140 fronts
    Linn AV5120 Center
    Linn AV5140 Rears
    M&K MX-70 Sub for Music
    Odyssey Mono-Blocs
    SVS Ultra-13 Gloss Black:D

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    In this case I'd go with whatever is cheapest but you should keep in mind that lower end Klipsch subs are SLOPPY on MUSIC....they're pretty good for HT. But they're flabby and slow on tight bass. However if you listen to a lot of rap.....most of that bass is not REFINED or TIGHT bass so you may be OK there!


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    +1 for the PSW505. I haven't heard the Klipsch, but I do have the 505 and it blows me away. Very tight on the bass for music (even rap ;)) and for HT it does awesome as well.
    Receiver: Onkyo TX-SR506
    FR: Polk Monitor 40
    CNTR: Polk CS2
    Sub: Polk PSW505
    RR: Infinity SS2001 w/ SpeakerCraft 5.25" aluminum woofers and 1.5" ports
    Patio: Polk Atrium 45
    TV: Sony Bravia KDL-46XBR9
    BD: Sony BDP-S570
    Gaming: PS2 and Wii
    PWR: APC C-5

    Receiver: h/k AVR 20
    CD: marantz Professional PMD320
    Mains: Infinity SS2005
    2nds: DLK 1 1/2's
    CNTR: Infinity Sterling Video

    Subs: Paradigm PS-1000 w/ beefed up power circuit resistors and custom 15" w/ Polk PSW-505 amp.

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    Where are you seeing the SW-450 @ BB for $200? It's showing everywhere as $450 for me.

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    It was at the store, showed it right there on the shelf. I'll have to go back and double check

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